Sherlockian.net is a website dedicated to the Sherlock Holmes community. Through the information provided on this site, we aim to welcome newcomers, be a resource for Sherlockians, make space for knowledge experts, and encourage participants to share in the Great Game. Have new or updated content to share with us? Fill out our Contact Us form and reach out on Twitter.

Sherlockian.net was established on November 22, 1994 by Chris Redmond (BSI, ASH, MBt). The site was initially housed at the University of Waterloo, in Canada, where Mr. Redmond had a 40-year career as a writer. When it was created in 1994, it was the only Sherlockian website in the world, with fewer than a dozen links to online material about Sherlock Holmes and the Victorian era. In January 2000, Mr. Redmond moved the website to its own domain on a commercial server, establishing the site as Sherlockian.Net.

Mr. Redmond has dedicated most of his life to the Sherlockian community. He is an author, lecturer, and lifelong member of the Bootmakers of Toronto. He is the author of several books, including Welcome to America, Mr. Sherlock Holmes; A Sherlock Holmes Handbook; In Bed with Sherlock Holmes; and he is the editor of About Sixty: Why Every Sherlock Holmes Story is the Best. He is a former editor of Canadian Holmes. Speaking of which, his wife would like us to mention that this site was originally built and maintained by Mr. Redmond in Canada.

We encourage you to listen and learn more about our founder. We are grateful for his support as we continue to maintain Sherlockian.net. The podcast I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere calls him a legend. We agree.

On September 16, 2016, Mr. Redmond officially entrusted Sherlockian.net to Michigan State University’s WIDE Research, a digital humanities lab in the College of Arts and Letters. Directed by Liza Potts, Ph.D., the Sherlockian team at WIDE includes faculty, academic specialists, graduate students, and undergraduate students reporting to a project leader. We are a team of architects, researchers, writers, designers, librarians, and developers.

Liza Potts is the Caretaker and Project Leader of Sherlockian.net. A member of the Greek Interpreters, she has been an avid Sherlockian since her father handed her a copy of the Adventures and shared Sunday afternoon viewings of Jeremy Brett and Basil Rathbone appearing as the Great Detective. Today, Dr. Potts is an associate professor in the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures at Michigan State University where she is the Director of WIDE Research and the Co-Founder of the Experience Architecture program. Her research interests include digital rhetoric, social user experience, and participatory culture.

Our Board of Advisors
Mattias Boström, BSI
Scott Monty, BSI
Glen Miranker, Ph.D., BSI
Jacquelynn Morris, ASH, BSI
Crystal Noll, Co-Founder of 221B Con
Ashley D. Polasek, Ph.D., FRSA, BSB, ASH
Chris Redmond, MBt, BSI, ASH
Tamar Zeffren, ASH, BSI, MA

Our Librarian Advisors
Timothy Johnson, E. W. McDiarmid Curator of the Sherlock Holmes Collections, University of Minnesota Libraries
Peggy Perdue, MBt, BSI
Ranti Junus, MLIS

Our Curators
Taylor Blumenberg, Co-Founder of 221B Con
Cathy Bruhnke, Co-Founder of 221B Con
Elinor Gray, Author
Jacquelynn Morris, ASH, BSI
Crystal Noll, Co-Founder of 221B Con
Ashley D. Polasek, Ph.D., FRSA, BSB, ASH
Christopher Zordan, BSI, ASH

Our Team at Michigan State University
Liza Potts, Ph.D., Caretaker of Sherlockian.net and Director of WIDE Research
Jessica Gibbons, Lead Content Strategist
Larissa Babak, Visual Designer
Casey Boland, Social Media Manager
Bridget Hanchek, Content Editor
Ranti Junus, Systems Librarian
Stephanie Mahnke, Content Editor and WIDE Research Assistant
Kristen Mapes
, Digital Humanities Coordinator
Rebekah Small, Community Manager

MSU Team Alumni
Hannah Countryman, Interaction and Visual Design
Katheryn Sullivan, Information Architect
Kalib Watson, Web Developer and Interface Design

WIDE Research receives generous funding to host and support Sherlockian.net from Michigan State University’s College of Arts and Letters and the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures.

Thank you to designer Miroslav Koša for creating the image icons of Sherlock Holmes and James Watson. We purchased Royalty-Free licenses to use them from the Noun Project.


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