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  • "An Intimate Study of Sherlock Holmes" ("Some Personalia about Mr. Sherlock Holmes")
  • "The Field Bazaar"
  • "How Watson Learned the Trick" | Manuscript and miniature book
  • "The Man with the Watches"
  • "The Lost Special" | another site | Movie serial 1932
  • "The Stonor Case"The Speckled Band (play)
  • "The Crown Diamond"
  • "The Adventure of the Tall Man" (fragment)
  • The Adventure of the Two Collaborators

    Project Gutenberg

    Beyond the City, Round the Red Lamp, Tales of Terror and Mystery, The Captain of the Polestar, The Lost World, The Parasite, The Poison Belt, The Stark Munro Letters, The Vital Message, The White Company, and others -- all at Project Gutenberg (also seeGutenberg home page)

    University of Virginia

  • The Adventures of Gerard
  • Beyond the City
  • The Vital Message
  • The Captain of the Polestar
  • The New Revelation
  • The Parasite
  • Round the Red Lamp
  • The Stark Munro Letters

    The Lost World, ACD's great science fiction novel

  • Sherlockian.Net Lost World page

    Literature Post

  • Biography and many texts

    From the Gaslight mailing list

  • The Great Shadow
  • Uncle Bernac
  • "The Ring of Thoth"
  • "A Foreign Office Romance"
  • "The Lost Special"
  • "How the Brigadier Played for a Kingdom"
  • "The Horror of the Heights"
  • My First Book
  • "Lot No. 249" notes

    From the Arthur Conan Doyle Society

  • "Waterloo" (playscript) * 1999 production at the Shaw Festival
  • "The Recollections of Captain Wilkie"
  • "Lot No. 249"
  • "The Jew's Breastplate"
  • "The Leather Funnel"
  • "A Straggler of '15"
  • "The Blood-Stone Tragedy"
  • "The Bully of Brocas Court"
  • "The Ring of Thoth"
  • "How the Brigadier Came to the Castle of Gloom"
  • "How the Brigadier Played for a Kingdom"
  • "That Veteran"
  • "The Case of Lady Sannox"
  • "The Lord of Chateau Noir"
  • "The Blighting of Sharkey"

    From other sources

  • University of Adelaide e-texts
  • "Cyprian Overbeck Wells"
  • "The Los Amigos Fiasco"
  • "Jelland's Voyage"
  • The Poison Belt (from OBI)
  • Several novels from Online Literature Library
  • The Land of Mist
  • On line from
  • Through the Magic Door at Wiretap | Review
  • The Crime of the Congo
  • "The Horror of the Heights"
  • "Jane Annie", comic opera by ACD and J. M. Barrie
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