Sherlockian.Net: #60in60

Canonical aphorisms from the Norwegian Explorers of Minnesota

The pithy phrase identified by this link is taken from a tweet offered to the world by the Norwegian Explorers of Minnesota. The series started in early 2013 and is continuing. Each one has the hashtag #60in60 (also used by Twitter users talking about non-Sherlockian things like automobile acceleration). They will appear on Sherlockian.Net gradually as editorial time allows.

Says Mary Loving of the Norwegian Explorers: “I started writing them as a challenge to see if the stories could be condensed to 140 characters (132 actually, including a space and the tag). I was inspired by hearing a comedian at a science fiction convention tell the story of Star Wars using tweets, so I thought, why not do the same with the Canon?“ Loving, a six-year member of the Explorers, serves as one of its study group leaders as well as editor of the society's newletter and social media. She can be reached by e-mail at

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