The View Halloa – The Blanched Soldier

The Hounds have just concluded a week in which the question of Canonical authorship has been debated very earnestly, and it is certainly tempting to explain the varied quality of the Casebook tales by suggesting that some or all of them were written by persons unknown. “The Blanched Soldier” is a particularly easy target for […]

The View Halloa – The Illustrious Client

As Spring turns to Summer, the Hounds turn to the Case Book, that strange territory where professors go ape, vampires and jellyfish invade Sussex, and Sherlock Holmes writes his own stories. But first, Holmes has to survive a case where he must try to prevent a crime without any cooperation from the intended victim. And […]

The View Halloa – His Last Bow

I always find this story a sad and difficult one to read. First there is the tragedy of the First World War. Then there is the melancholy phrase, “Stand with me here upon the terrace, for it may be the last quiet talk that we shall ever have.” This cannot fail to remind Sherlockians of […]

The View Halloa – The Devil’s Foot

I can vividly remember my first reading of this story. I loved the eerie happenings, the suggestion of the supernatural, the daring scientific experiment that nearly went wrong, and the touching but not cloying buddy scene between Holmes and Watson, including Holmes’s relapse into his half-humorous, half-cynical attitude immediately after his brush with madness and […]

The View Halloa – Lady Frances Carfax

This story makes me glad that I didn’t live in those “good old days.” Although the world is far from perfect now, I’m glad that I didn’t have to survive in the days when it was apparently considered quite normal and acceptable for a woman to be subjected to a certain amount of unwanted male […]

The View Halloa – The Dying Detective

I never read this story without thinking of the Play-Within-a-Play from Hamlet. With his own little drama, Holmes demonstrated what had happened to Victor Savage, how it happened, who was responsible – and how monstrously cruel a death it was that the young man had suffered. Holmes may have shown little sympathy for Mrs. Hudson’s […]

The View Halloa – The Bruce-Partington Plans

Now let me see if I’ve got this straight. Some vital, top-secret submarine plans are missing. The prime minister is upset. The admiralty is buzzing like an overturned bee-hive. Scotland Yard is on the case already; they have a habit of putting their oar in whenever a dead body is discovered in suspicious circumstances. Well, […]

The View Halloa – The Red Circle

Put a candle in the window and practice counting out the alphabet; it’s time to discuss “The Red Circle.” Questions by request: Isn’t killing people still against the law, even if the person who was killed was a murderer? Did Gennaro Lucca have to stand trial, and if so, what was the verdict likely to […]

The View Halloa – The Cardboard Box

This may not qualify as a great detective story in the classic sense of clever clues that result in a surprise solution. It may not be considered one of the greatest of the Sherlock Holmes stories, where we seem to prize most those stories with suspenseful vigils and legendary villains. But consider how deftly this […]

The View Halloa – Wisteria Lodge

The first time I read this story, I felt so sorry for Holmes! He looked rather foolish compared to the clever Inspector Baynes. Had it not been for his enlistment of the ex-gardener to watch over the gate and rescue Miss Burnet, Holmes would have come out of the case without any credit at all. […]