The View Halloa – The Second Stain

It’s a story of international intrigue, love, and loose carpets, and of what can happen when you don’t think twice before sending off an impulsive letter! It’s “The Adventure of the Second Stain,” and the Hounds are putting on the dog in some very exalted circles to sniff out the connection between a missing missive, […]

The View Halloa – The Abbey Grange

The opening of “The Adventure of the Abbey Grange” is surely one of our most treasured images of Sherlock Holmes. “The candle in his hand shone upon his eager, stooping face, and told me at a glance that something was amiss. ‘Come, Watson, come!’ he cried. ‘The game is afoot.’” And sure enough, this opening […]

The View Halloa – The Missing Three-Quarter

Watson wrote, “I blessed this Mr. Overton” for bringing a case to Sherlock Holmes at a period of inactivity. The good doctor was worried that Holmes might otherwise have turned to his “drug mania.” I think we can all agree with Watson that any case is preferable to the seven percent solution, but it seems […]

The View Halloa – The Golden Pince-Nez

It hasn’t rained this hard since “The Five Orange Pips,” and there seems to be something about the “wild, tempestuous” weather that brings out the worst in Canonical people who have past connections to secret societies. Oddly enough, “The Golden Pince-Nez” has another feature in common with “The Five Orange Pips,” and that is – […]

The View Halloa – The Three Students

As if to give us a chance to recover from the blood and busts of “The Six Napoleons,” Watson offers up a course of academic scandal, where the participants’ knives are used only for the purpose of whittling down pencil points. It’s no wonder Holmes was reluctant at first to get involved – a case […]

The View Halloa – The Six Napoleons

“I’ve seen you handle a good many cases, Mr. Holmes, but I don’t know that I ever knew a more workmanlike one than that.” Thus spoke Inspector Lestrade in admiration of Holmes’s efforts, and I think we can all agree that this is a remarkably fine combination of imagination, logic, and legwork. In fact, Holmes’s […]

The View Halloa – Charles Augustus Milverton

What a great story this is! It has a wonderful, hissable villain and some exciting surprises in the climactic moments. Its moral ambiguities are thicker than a London fog. Everything seems the wrong way round: the detective becomes a criminal, the criminal becomes a victim, and the victim becomes an avenger. How far should Holmes […]

The View Halloa – Black Peter

These are the moments that Sherlockians live for: to be sitting with Doctor Watson at breakfast when Sherlock Holmes walks in with “his hat upon his head and a huge barbed-headed spear tucked like an umbrella under his arm.” (Which proves that Sherlock Holmes is a creative guy when it comes to accessorizing!) Of course […]

The View Halloa – The Priory School

The smiling and beautiful countryside strikes again! The sheep may safely graze, but the people and even the cows are not what they seem out on the morasses and moors surrounding the most exclusive preparatory school in England. It’s a good thing that we can count on Sherlock Holmes to shine the light of reason […]

The View Halloa – The Solitary Cyclist

It is that sacred year of 1895 — Watson even says so! — and Sherlock Holmes interrupts another case long enough to listen to the story told by Miss Violet Smith, the tall, graceful and queenly music teacher. And for once, Holmes sets aside his precept that a client is “a mere unit, a factor […]