The View Halloa – The Dancing Men

Is there a sadder story in the entire Canon than this one of Hilton Cubitt and his wife Elsie? And to think that Holmes had his hand on the key to it all, but still could not prevent the tragedy from happening! Despite the disastrous outcome, this remains one of Holmes’s great cases, made perhaps […]

The View Halloa – The Norwood Builder

Sherlock Holmes is back! Better still, Holmes and Watson are back together again in Baker Street, just like the old days. And we are there too, enjoying their breakfast conversation, and enjoying still more the interruption by a desperate client, an innocent man accused of murder! It’s Holmes to the rescue! The Game’s afoot! (A […]

The View Halloa – The Empty House

I know it seems like a long time ago that we bade a temporary farewell to Sherlock Holmes when he appeared to buy the farm in “The Final Problem.” But now it’s time to resurrect the Great Detective once more. Holmes usually gets quite a bit of grief over this story, mainly from friends of […]

The View Halloa – The Final Problem

“It is, indeed, a fearful place. The torrent, swollen by the melting snow, plunges into a tremendous abyss, from which the spray rolls up like the smoke from a burning house. The shaft into which the river hurls itself is an immense chasm, lined by glistening coal-black rock, and narrowing into a creaming, boiling pit […]

The View Halloa – The Naval Treaty

What a lovely thing a rose is! And what a fascinating character Sherlock Holmes is! Imagine his breaking off in the middle of a case to admire a rose and muse upon the ways of Providence! Despite this moment of reverie and the perplexity it caused his clients, Holmes was in control of this case […]

The View Halloa – The Greek Interpreter

Perhaps its story structure leaves something to be desired: nearly all of the action is presented to the reader by the narration of one of the characters. But whatever its failings, “The Greek Interpreter” provides us with one of the Canon’s legendary supporting characters, Mycroft Holmes. His “absolutely corpulent” figure joins the dainty one of […]

The View Halloa – The Resident Patient

Now here’s a funny coincidence. Just after I finished looking over this week’s story, I picked up something from the Wodehouse collection and happened to come across this passage: “Sir Roderick Glossop . . . is always called a nerve specialist, because it sounds better, but everybody knows that he’s really a sort of janitor […]

The View Halloa -The Crooked Man

I doubt that you will find this story on the top ten list of most Sherlockians. There are not enough thrills, for one thing. Did you ever wonder why Watson selected it for publication? There must have been dozens of cases among his notes that posed more difficulties in their solutions, or contained even more […]

The View Halloa – The Reigate Puzzle

Or is it “The Reigate Squires?” Or “The Reigate Squire,” the title under which it was first published? Although it may not be one of Holmes’s truly great cases, I love this story for its portrait of the friendship — and also the partnership — between Holmes and Watson. Holmes had overworked himself on a […]

The View Halloa – The ‘Gloria Scott’

Sherlock Holmes is probably the most immediately recognizable character in all of literature and film. Almost everyone can tell you about the Hound of the Baskervilles, and many are familiar with the dog in the night time, the Snake, and Professor Moriarty. But does the casual reader know anything of Holmes’s college days, or of […]