The adventures of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson have been bringing people together since the stories were first published. Today, there are numerous gatherings, groups, and events focused on the Great Detective and the culture surrounding him. Scions all over the world discuss everything from the original stories to the latest spin-off and provide opportunities to meet other enthusiasts.

Below is information on how to get involved with the many scions, societies, conventions, and fandom. If you want to celebrate Sherlock Holmes and play the Great Game, you’re in good company! Join us!

Finding Your Community

Want to join a Sherlockian group? Below are some helpful links and information for you to get started.

Sherlock Holmes Societies

Below we highlight Sherlock Holmes societies across the world and provide information to to help you locate groups near you.

Special Purpose Societies

There are also societies organized around a specific character or profession familiar to the readers of Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlockians of Note

Reading through the various websites, journals, newsletters, and meeting reports, you may be curious about who is participating and where they are from. Take a look at the links below to learn more about the many participants who help run our Great Game!


Find a meeting near you where you can talk with others who enjoy Sherlock Holmes.


Learn more about these engaging annual events where Sherlockians gather together.

Sherlock Holmes Birthday

The annual Sherlock Holmes birthday weekend begun by the Baker Street Irregulars brings hundreds of Sherlockians to New York. Many other groups host events during this weekend in New York. The links below will help get you started on exploring this event.

Sherlockian Dress

Learn more about Sherlockian clothing, both modern and Victorian.

Places to Visit

Discover Sherlock Holmes destinations around the world including museums, restaurants, and more.