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England, Britain, the United Kingdom

  • Britannia, Gateway to the British Isles | British History
  • Mysterious Britain: Legends, Folklore, Myths and Mysterious Places
  • Legislation, Magna Carta to the present
  • LondonTown
  • London Hut
  • London traffic webcams
  • Planning a Research Trip to England
  • Cheesehead on the Move: A Sherlockian's Story
  • Genealogy and Local History in London
  • Baker Street
  • The London Guide
  • London, My London
  • Selected Sherlock Holmes Sites in London
  • Thomas Bruce Wheeler, The London of Sherlock HolmesInteractive map
  • Old UK Photos
  • London Characters
  • Sound Survey of London
  • Interactive map of 'early modern' London
  • London fogs | The killer fog of 1952
  • Brit Movie ToursLondon Magical Tours
  • Anglofile Plus
  • Genealogy, family trees and family history records
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    The Sherlock Holmes Guide to London, iPhone app

    Maps of London

  • Victorian London in Incredible Detail
  • Reynolds Shilling Coloured Map of London 1895
  • Charles Booth's 1889 Descriptive Map of London Poverty
  • John Snow's Map of 1859
  • Victorian map superimposed on Google Maps
  • The Sherlock Holmes Museum, London
  • The Sherlock Holmes Pub in London
  • British Titles of Nobility
  • Images of England (heritage buildings)
  • London Stills picture library
  • The best city in the world
  • Pathology Museum at Bart's (St. Bartholomew's Hospital)

    The Victorian era in Britain and elsewhere

  • The Victorian Web
  • Victoria Research Web
  • The Victorian Era
  • Victorian Era Lovers
  • Mostly Victorian, articles and illustrations
  • Queen Victoria's Empire (PBS)
  • Dictionary of Victorian London
  • Victoriana, Resources for Victorian Living
  • Charles Booth Online Archive
  • The Costume GalleryVictorian Era, from
  • Hair in the 1800s
  • Are you a civilized person, suited to the Victorian period?
  • 1876 Victorian England Revisited
  • Old House Books
  • British Library Online Newspaper Archive
  • British Pathe newsreel archive
  • British Library: The Nineteenth Century
  • UK Web Archive: 19th Century English Literature
  • Strand MagazineStrand issues on
  • Online archives of the humour magazine Punch
  • The Train-ing of Sherlock Holmes: The Railway in Victorian England
  • Railway History Home PageRailway and steamship routes, 1900
  • Cambridge History of English and American Literature
  • The Gilbert and Sullivan Archive
  • Grant Allen
  • Nineteenth Century Medicine in the United Kingdom
  • dMarie Time Capsule
  • 'Vintage Sex' Livejournal communityCourtship (
  • Victorian Homosexuality Bibliography
  • Darlene Cypser, Victorian References
  • The Database of Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes and the Victorian Media Condition

    Pounds, shillings and pence

  • English weights and measures: Money
  • Current Value of Old Money (Exeter)
  • Currency, Coinage and the Cost of Living (Old Bailey web site)
  • Historical currency converter
  • Converter from Historical Statistics
  • Purchasing Power of British Pounds
  • Coins in the Canon

    For practical purposes, it's usually sufficient to calculate in your head that £1 (one pound) in 1895 would buy what $100 US will buy today. So one shilling equals $5.

    Policing and crime

  • The Constabulary
  • Scotland Yard (Metropolitan Police) home pageHistory of the Metropolitan Police
  • Proceedings of the Old Bailey 1674-1913
  • Lizzie Borden
  • Spies Online
  • Crime Scene Sketches of 17 cases by Thomas J. Hanratty
  • Inspector Lestrade novels by M. J. Trow
  • Southern California Association of Fingerprint Officers
  • Commonplace Crime, blog by Leah Guinn

    Jack the Ripper

  • Casebook: Jack the Ripper
  • The Whitechapel Society
  • Holmes and the Ripper: A selected bibliography on Sherlockian.Net
  • Jack the Ripper's Underworld
  • "Lord Blackhood der Kether's The New Strand Magazine"
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