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Cover art for The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes, edited by Ellery Queen, 1944

Fanfic or pastiche? The choice is yours

The earliest Sherlock Holmes pastiche or parody (the word “fanfic” hadn't been coined) appeared while the original Adventures of Sherlock Holmes were still being published, in the early 1890s, and the torrent has hardly stopped since. The challenge now is to sort things into categories, and to decide which one, of the thousands available, to read first.

On this site's “fanfic” page, talented author and voracious reader Elinor Gray provides her own insights into the stories written by Sherlock Holmes fans. She distinguishes fanfic from “pastiche” — the traditional Sherlockian term for stories by new authors that hew closely to the style of the original stories, and (probably) include a mystery as a major part of the plot. A pastiche is likely told from Watson's point of view, and it's likely set in Victorian or Edwardian times. A fanfic — well, anything's possible.

Sherlockian.Net offers two main pages about this category of writing:

[Fanfic] A fanfic commentary and curated list

Elinor Gray (@mistyzeo) discusses the purpose and satisfactions of contemporary fanfic, and provides a list of some important, influential, or otherwise interesting texts worth reading.

[Traditional] Links about traditional and print pastiches

Pretty much what it says — with commentary, bibliography and links.

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