Spiritualizing Sherlock: Commentaries

‘Sherlock Holmes and Religion’

by Albert J. Menendez, Baker Street Journal 25 no. 2 (1975), pp. 80-83, 97.

Commentary by Elizabeth Fregoso (e.m.fregoso@gmail.com)

Author's final argument: Holmes is “probably to the left of liberal Protestantism and latitudinarian Anglicanism, but to the right of secular humanism. Possible he was a Unitarian or a liberal freethinker.” He was a “thoughtful but nondogmatic inquirer” of religious and philosophical affairs but likely professed no one religious affiliation.


  • Explores multiple religions in straightforward, easy-to-understand fashion
  • Quick read
  • Occasionally provide historical backdrop for some claims


  • Is not remarkably in depth — sums up a book's worth of points/analysis within two or three pages.
  • Does not include Islam, though it covers other major religions

    Implications and Evidence:

  • SH was knowledgeable of multiple religions but held none as an affiliation.
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