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In the name of Sherlock

  • Sherlock Investigations Inc.
  • Sherlock Holmes 4.0 for Linux, a universal search engine
  • ShareLook, French search engine
  • Sherlock Company
  • Sherlock Pest Control
  • Knowledge management system for the National Health
  • Holmesplace.Com
  • Sherlock Homes, Pensacola
  • A computer called Sherlock at Berkeley (hey, thanks for the link)
  • Sherlock's Wine and Beer
  • Sherlock Holmes Resume Service
  • Sherlock Homes Realty Corp. (Long Island)
  • Sherlock Holmes Tea | Baker Street Afternoon Blend
  • Your Porn Sherlock
  • SHERLOC on the Mars Rover

    Macintosh computer search engine

  • Apple Kills Sherlock
  • Sigerson
  • Imagina's Holmes
    Sherlock Family Genealogy Forum

    In the name of Watson

  • IBM supercomputer
  • Watson, a free web search assistant
  • Dr. Watson for Windows
  • Watson, a database application for investigations
  • And an advertisement for Dr. Watson himself

    Pubs and restaurants

  • Sherlock Holmes Pub, London | 1997 visit
  • Sherlock Holmes Pubs in Edmonton
  • Sherlock's Pub Co., Texas locations
  • Sherlock Holmes Pub, Aarhus, Denmark
  • Sherlock Holmes Pub, Bordeaux, France
  • Sherlock Holmes Outpost, Fort Davis, Texas
  • The Sherlock Holmes Inn, Melbourne
  • Baker Street Pub and Grill, Cypress, Texas (Houston)
  • Sherlock Holmes Pub, Hellesylt, Norway

    Hard to classify

  • The Nero Wolfe SitePfui!
  • Dorothy L. Sayers SocietyWimsey mailing list
  • The Wodehouse Society
  • Tony Harries, former "secretary to Sherlock Holmes"
  • The Baker Street Irregular Astronomers
  • Baker Street Victorian Carollers
  • Sherlock on the Rocks
  • "Sherlock Jr." | . . . in Norwegian
  • The Dynamics of an Asteroid
  • Abbey National building society (and its successor)Photo of Abbey House, 219-229 Baker Street
  • Home Office Large Major Enquiry System
  • Sherlockian overtones in “House”
  • California wine from 221B Cellars
  • Mycroft: Human-Powered Grid Computing
  • Joe Riggs, 'the real Sherlock Holmes'
  • Baker Street Blend Tea
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