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Eight major Sherlockian sites

221B Baker Street
Operated by Michael Sherman
  • Stories
  • Pictures
  • Other links
  • What's new
  • Sherlocktron
    Operated by Willis Frick
  • Sherlockian societies (from a list by Peter Blau)
  • Sherlockian publications
  • Sherlockian merchandise and dealers
  • Manuscripts of canonical stories with their present locations
  • Members of the Baker Street Irregulars and Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes
  • Camden House
    Operated by David Soucek and others
  • The Complete SH, illustrated
  • Pinacotheca Holmesiana (artwork)
  • Sounds, music, screensavers
  • Stories and essays
  • The Diogenes Club
    Operated by David N. Cisler
  • The Library (texts)
  • The Strangers' Room (links)
  • The Gallery (graphics)
  • The Secretary's Office (characters and Sherlockians)
  • The Best of Sherlock Holmes
    Operated by Randall Stock
  • Sherlockian and Doylean news
  • Lists of stories and quotations
  • Manuscripts and first editions
  • I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere
    "News And Information About Sherlock Holmes In Popular Culture", edited by Scott Monty and Burt Wolder
  • Essential Sherlockian references
  • Weekly links
  • Podcast
  • No Place Like Holmes
    Operated by Ross K. Foad
  • Web drama comedy
  • News and reviews
  • Howard Ostrom collection of actors
  • Diogenes Club library
  • Sherlockian-Sherlock
    Operated by Zsófia Marincsák, Edina Jászberényi and Adrienn Fray
  • Available in English and Hungarian
  • Essays by knowledgeable Sherlockians
  • Actors and adaptations, and their mistakes
  • List of cases with audiobook links

  • Introductions and starting points

  • Wikipedia article on Sherlock Holmes
  • Know Your Meme: "Sherlock"
  • Open Directory listings for Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes
  • A Beginner's Guide to the Sherlock Fandom
  • The Straight Dope: Did Sherlock Holmes really exist?
  • Television Tropes and Idioms (a good overall survey of things Sherlockian)
  • Life in the New Sherlockian Renaissance
  • A Baker Street Glossary for Beginning Sherlockians
  • Shmoop 'We Speak Student' Sherlock Holmes site
  • A long and excellent general introduction from the Annenberg School
  • Sherlock Holmes News

    News and events

  • Matt Laffey's 'Always 1895' blog with regular summaries of what's new in the Sherlockian world
  • Scuttlebutt from the Spermaceti Press — Peter Blau's newsletter of Sherlockian publications and doings | Alternate site
  • The District Messenger, Sherlock Holmes Society of London, since 1982
  • Sherlockian Calendar events listing

    More Sherlockian sites and blogs

  • Sherlock in Peoria
  • A Study in Sherlock, by Douglas Johnston
  • ScoopIt: Sherlock HolmesScoopIt: Doyleockian
  • Société Sherlock Holmes de France (news, blog, features)
  • Alistair Duncan: Doyleockian
  • The Ocular Helmsman: "The Personal Effects and Environs"
  • Sherlock Holmes: Backgrounds to a Phenomenon


  • Sherlockian Resources on the Internet: A Survey, by John Bergquist
  • The University of Minnesota Sherlock Holmes Collection, and The Universal Sherlock Holmes
  • Just the Facts Canonical Database by Joseph E. Dierkes
  • The Encyclopedia Sherlockia, by Shahan Cheong
  • A Trifling Reference and Cross-Index of the Cases
  • Sherlock Holmes Wiki (in German)
  • Sherlockian.Net: Books, journals and libraries
  • Indexes to classic Sherlockian works, pastiches, other material
  • Everything Sherlock Holmes
  • Tumblrs
  • Sherlockian entities on Facebook

    Mailing lists and forums

  • The Hounds of the Internet, with The View Halloa, by Rosemary Michaud
  • The newsgroup, via Google Groups | | Newsville
  • Sherlock Holmes Group on Google+
  • 221B Baker Street online community
  • Discussion groups on YahooWelcomeHolmesUnofficial homepage221BArthur Conan Doyle Society list
  • Canon Fodder Friday
  • Sherlock Holmes Brasil
  • Livejournal community
  • Mystery Net Community
  • FanForum: Sherlock
  • Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle Books, on Facebook
  • The Insidious Ring of Moriarty

    Elsewhere on Sherlockian.Net

  • Miscellaneous Sherlockian web sites
  • Of collateral interest
  • Teaching Sherlock Holmes
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