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[Pair of cufflinks]

Sherlockian cufflinks from Collar and Cuff in Bolton, England.

Major Sherlockian dealers

  • Calabash Press
  • Classic Specialties
  • Wessex Press and Gasogene Books
  • Sleuth of Baker Street, Toronto
  • The Battered Silicon Dispatch-Box
  • Sherlock Holmes Books
  • Sherlock Holmes Online

    Bookshops and publishers

  • MX Publishing
  • Pequod Press
  • Baskerville Bücher
  • Breese Books

    Specifically Sherlockian dealers

  • Diamond Jim's Sherlock Holmes Shoppe
  • Libey Books
  • Bakerstreet: A Sherlockian Gift Shop
  • The Baker Street Shop on
  • Sherlock Holmes Posters
  • Sherlock Cares Shop

    Other items for sale

  • Grave Matters
  • Sherlockian audiotapes, for sale from Jimcin
  • Audio recordings by David Ian Davies
  • Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective (game)
  • Regency Chess Company, for a detailed resin chess set
  • Heroes and Villains Miniatures
  • Sherlock Holmes posters from

    In the world of e-commerce

  • 'Sherlock' items on eBay
  • 'Sherlock'items on
  • 'Sherlock' items on
  • Sherlock's Home on Etsy

    Where to buy Rathbone or Brett videos

  • Some of the specialty firms listed above may have them, or you could try general film sources such as Movies Unlimited or MovieMail.
  • DVDs from LaserScans
  • Advice on Randall Stock's 'Best of Sherlock' page
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