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Image from the fourth Great Sherlock Holmes Debate, held at University College London in June 2013 in an attempt to compare the cases for several great Sherlockian actors.

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How Has the Portrayal of Doctor Watson in Film Changed over Time? by Rachel M. Beard

Benedict who?

See the separate page about the BBC Television series “Sherlock” starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

'Elementary' on CBS

[Actress and actor] Lucy Liu and Johnny Lee Miller star as Watson and Holmes in the television drama “Elementary”, which first appeared on the CBS network (and on GlobalTV in Canada) in 2012 and is now in its third season. Like BBC television's “Sherlock” starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, it transfers the detective and his colleague to a contemporary urban setting, in this case New York.

  • CBS site for show
  • CBS Elementary Tumblr
  • Elementaryfans fan site
  • Fan site: The Deductionist
  • Point-by-point comparison with the canonical Holmes
  • Panel at 221B Con 2015, tweets by @her_nerdiness
  • Fan Tumblrs: elementarystanautisticsherlockelementary

    Robert Downey Jr. in 'Sherlock Holmes' and its sequel

  • The official web site
  • Draft of the screenplay
  • Review by Rod Mollise
  • Audio interview with Sarah Montague about Holmes's characterMoriarty's equations
  • Television Tropes and Idioms
  • Pornographic version
  • Sequel, 'A Game of Shadows', review from McMurdo's Camp

    Jeremy who?

    See the separate page about Jeremy Brett's portrayal of Sherlock Holmes for Granada Television.

    Stage, screen, radio and television

    [Dressing-gown, pipe]
    A Russian Holmes and Watson: Vasili Livanov and Vitali Solomin in one of their eight popular films. An overview of the series appears on the Baker Street Dozen web site, and there is a fan site in Russian. (Photo courtesy of Nadezhda Cherneckaya)
  • Holmes on Screen (Sherlock Holmes on Oxford Lane)
  • List of film actors, from IMDB
  • A to Z of Sherlock Holmes Performers, by Howard Ostrom
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Books and Movies
  • Appledore's list of film and TV adaptationsHolmes Number (and Brett Number) calculator
  • A retrospective: Sherlock Holmes on "Mystery" and "Masterpiece Theatre"
  • Sublime Sherlocks, from Underwire
  • Sherlock Holmes movies available to stream, from
  • Retrovision Internet TV
  • Laserscans list of Holmes on DVD
  • Internet Movie Database
  • Sherlock Holmes in the Virtual Museum
  • The Great Detective's Brainy Descendants
  • Revisiting Sherlock Holmes: The Multimedia Collector
  • Holmes and Watson on the radio, from Sherlock Seattle 2015
  • "Holmes on Screen" by Damian Magee
  • Getting Sherlock Holmes Right Onscreen (New Yorker)
  • Sherlock Holmes Baffled, the first SH film
  • Ronald Howard series, 1954, episode guideSherlockhoward fan site
  • Actors on British SH television shows
  • "The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes", 1970
  • A song from 'Sherlock Holmes, the Musical'
  • Trailer for Sherlock Holmes film in 4D
  • Old Radio World downloads
  • The Sherlock Holmes Audio Master Post with comprehensive listings
  • New Russian television series 2013Episode with English subtitles
  • The Hound, starring Matt Frewer.
  • The Hounds, starring Richard Roxburgh. Photo of Richard E. Grant as Stapleton, Ian Hart as Watson and Roxburgh as Holmes.
  • Where can I buy (pre-2005) videos and DVDs?

    No Place Like Holmes

  • No Place Like Holmes with pages by collector-researcher Howard Ostrom: Television StageRadioFilmOther media
  • Film history essays by Howard Ostrom:
    [Poster for Gillette's farewell tour]

    William Gillette

    On stage 1899-1932.
  • Audio, with pictures
  • Long-lost 1916 film, rediscovered 2014 (BBC report, with clip)Baker Street Babes commentary
  • Gillette Castle State ParkFriendsVideoSachem Patch
  • An Evening with the Gillettes
  • The One Fixed Point: Gillette's Watsons
  • Victorian Actors and Actresses
  • Cigarette card picturing Gillette
  • Biography by Henry Zecher

    Basil Rathbone (with Nigel Bruce as Watson)

    Fourteen films were made between 1939 and 1946. Theatrical trailers for several of them have been preserved. And see a poster for one of them, "Pursuit to Algiers" (1945), with Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes, Nigel Bruce as Dr. Watson, Marjorie Riordan as Sheila.

  • Marcia Jessen's Rathbone page
  • Blog: The Great Baz
  • RathboneAndBruce.Net
  • Appreciation from Greenbriar Picture Shows
  • Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes, by B. T. Tonjes
  • Michael Druxman's biography of Rathbone
  • Two films available with narrator's voice added
  • Several films in English and German, AVI format from Guba
  • When Rathbone played Watson and Bruce played Holmes
  • One-person play about Rathbone's life by Michael Druxman

    [H's long-stemmed pipe, W's moustache]
    A photo from the Frewer production -- courtesy of Scarlet Street

    Clive Merrison and Michael Williams on radio

    From the BBC, the only complete Canon by a single actor (and a single writer, Bert Coules).
  • Bert Coules web site

    Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century

  • Tribune TV home page
  • Episode guide

    Other modern manifestations

  • The Many Voices of Sherlock Holmes — an overview of audio recordings
  • The Secret of Sherlock Holmes, by Jeremy Paul
  • Christopher Plummer and "Murder by Decree"
  • Elementary, Dear Data (Star Trek 1988)
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Shadow Watchers
  • Basil's Reading Room, about the Eve Titus "Basil of Baker Street" children's books
  • The Great Mouse Detective fan club
  • The Adventures of Shirley Holmes | Episode filmed at University of Manitoba
  • "The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes" on public radio
  • Sherlock Holmes, a 2011 film by George Anton
  • The Baker Street Boys (1983)
  • 'Five unusual new cases' (audio from BBC)
  • 'Sherlock, Stock and Barrel'
  • Sherlock Holmes Literary Song Videos
  • Online Radio: The Mis-Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
  • The Watson Files, from Strobie Studios
  • No Place Like Holmes, video by Ross K. Foad
  • Sherlock Holmes Strikes Back
  • Steampunk Holmes
  • Sherlock Holmes vs. Frankenstein
  • "I Am Lost Without My Boswell" audio drama project
  • Sherlock Holmes Nevében (film in Hungarian)
  • The Baskerville Beast
  • Sherlock & Watson: Behind Closed Doors (2013)
  • "Baker Street": the web series (Hannah Drew, Karen Slater)
  • Herlock, web series (Gia Mora, Alana Jordan)
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