Letters to our Community

Letters to Our Community


Greetings Sherlockians!

My name is Charlotte Bachelor, and I am the new Project Manager for Sherlockian.net. It’s truly an honor to get to serve a community with such a rich history. You may have noticed our site and social media accounts have been a bit quieter than usual. We have been in the process of hiring new staffers and developing new and engaging content, which has been no small feat. 

One of these changes includes a bigger focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within the fandom. We hope by examining the series that we cherish with a more critical lens, we can create a space where everyone feels accepted. 

Another change that we are exploring is paid events. As you know our site is housed within Michigan State University and all of our staffers are MSU students. The university has faced unprecedented budgetary challenges during this pandemic. We hope that by putting on paid events we can create higher quality content while also keeping our team afloat. In the future, there will also be opportunities to give one-time donations. 

My team and I look forward to your support and cooperation during these unprecedented times. 


Charlotte and the Sherlockian.net team