Female Versions of Sherlock Holmes

Body in the Library. The Great Detectives 1841- 1941

The Sherlock Holmes stories have been adapted into many different forms over the years. One idea that has particularly intrigued authors is re-imagining the Great Detective, or other male characters from the canon, as women. Below you will find an inconclusive list of adaptations that feature female sleuths inspired by Sherlock Holmes. Please contact us if you know of any series that should be added to the list.


Charlotte Holmes (Brittany Cavallaro): Sherlock Holmes’ great-great-great granddaughter and Watson's great-great-great-grandson in the Charlotte Holmes series.

Charlotte Holmes (Hillary Bailey): Sherlock and Mycroft's sister in The Strange Adventures of Charlotte Holmes.

Charlotte Holmes (Sherry Thomas): Charlotte goes under the name of Sherlock in the Lady Sherlock series.

Charlotte House: Holmes and Watson as Regency women in the Charlotte House Affair series by Jennifer Petkus.

Enola Holmes: Nancy Springer imagines what would happen if Sherlock and Mycroft had a younger sister in her Enola Holmes series.

Lady Crystal Margaret Hope: Sherlock Holmes’ 10 year old niece is inspired by her uncle to investigate mysteries in Victorian London in the Young Miss Holmes manga series.

Lady Natasha Dorrington: Lady Natasha (Tasha) Dorrington takes up the deerstalker and cape in Lady Sherlock by Brooks Wachtel.

Long Chau: A detective inspired by Holmes and a spaceship inspired by Watson in Aliette de Bodard’s The Tea Master and the Detective.

Lucy Harker: Cynthia Ward writes about Sherlock Holmes’ step-niece in The Adventure of the Incognita Countess.

Lucy Holmes: Holmes has actually been a woman all along, living as a man to pursue her detection career in Margaret Park Bridges’ My Dear Watson.

Sara Holmes: Set in a dystopian future, Sara Holmes and Janet Watson, two black queer women, investigate murders of veterans from the New Civil War in The Janet Watson Chronicles by Claire O'Dell.

Shelby Holmes: Holmes and Watson as modern elementary schoolers in New York City in The Great Shelby Holmes series by Elizabeth Eulberg.

Sherlock and Joanna: T.L. Garrison reimagines Holmes and Watson as modern high school girls in The Twisted Blackmailer.

Victorique de Blois: A child genius with uncanny abilities smokes a pipe and solves mysteries in a fictional European country in the manga Gosick by Kazuki Sakuraba (an anime).

TV and Film

Sara "Sherlock" Shelly Futaba: Along with her flatmate Dr. Wato Tachibana, Futaba solves crimes for Tokyo’s Metropolitan Police in Miss Sherlock.

Sheridan Hume: Johnny Watt’s life is turned on end when she meets the mysterious crime-solving Hume on Herlock.

Sherlock Holmes (221B: The Webseries): A comedic, domestic view of Miss Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson’s life together as flatmates.

Sherlock Holmes (Baker Street): Holmes and her roommate Jane Watson solve mysteries in modern day Toronto in this web series.

Sherlock Shellingford: Sherlock attends the Holmes Detective School with other girls named after famous detectives in the anime Tantei Opera Milky Holmes.

Shirley Holmes (My Dearly Beloved Detective): Holmes and Jane Watson fill the original duo’s shoes in the Russian film.

Shirley Holmes (The Adventures of Shirley Holmes): The great-grandniece of Sherlock Holmes solves crimes in 90s Canada.

Other Detectives from the World of Holmes and Watson

Amelia Watson: In The Second Mrs. Watson series by Michael Malory, Watson’s second wife solves cases too baffling for Holmes himself.

Irene Adler: Irene travels the world and solves crimes, accompanied by her husband Godfrey Norton in the Irene Adler series by Carole Nelson Douglas

Mary Morstan: The fiancee and wife to Watson solves mysteries of her own in The Mary Morstan Mysteries TV series.

Mary Watson: Mrs. Watson is the star of the Mary Watson series by Molly Carr, and the residents of Baker Street are merely her back-up.

Mrs. Hudson (Barry S. Brown): The secret director of the crime-solvers at 221B, the supposed housekeeper, leads the way in the Mrs. Hudson of Baker Street series.

Mrs. Hudson (Martin Davies): Mrs. Hudson helps Sherlock Holmes in some of his most difficult cases in the Mrs. Hudson series.

Mrs. Hudson (Sydney Hosier): After Holmes and Watson have vacated 221B, Mrs. Hudson makes a name for herself as a sleuth in the Mrs. Hudson Mysteries.

Mrs. Hudson and Mary Watson: No longer background characters, the women take on cases Holmes and Watson ignore in the Mrs. Hudson and Mary Watson Investigation series by Michelle Birkby.