Female Versions of Sherlock Holmes

Madame Vastra from Doctor Who


Hillary Bailey: Sherlock and Mycroft's sister Charlotte in The Strange Adventures of Charlotte Holmes.

Aliette de Bodard: Set in her Xuya universe, The Tea Master and the Detective features Holmes as a woman going by the alias of Long Chau and Watson as a mindship.

Margaret Park Bridges: Sherlock Holmes (originally Lucy Holmes) lives as a man to pursue her detection career in My Dear Watson.

Brittany Cavallaro: Sherlock Holmes’ great-great-great granddaughter and Watson's great-great-great-grandson in the Charlotte Holmes series.

Elizabeth Eulberg: Holmes and Watson as modern grammar school students in New York City in the Great Shelby Holmes series.

T.L. Garrison: Sherlock Holmes and Joanna Watson reimagined as modern high school girls in The Twisted Blackmailer.

Claire O'Dell: Set in a dystopian future, Sara Holmes and Janet Watson, two black queer women, investigate murders of veterans from the New Civil War in A Study in Honor, the first in a planned series (The Janet Watson Chronicles) coming this year.

Jennifer Petkus: Holmes and Watson as Regency women in the Charlotte House series

Nancy Springer: Enola Holmes Series about Sherlock and Mycroft's younger sister (this is going to be a film series also).

Sherry Thomas: Charlotte Holmes who uses the name of Sherlock in the Lady Sherlock series.

Brooks Wachtel: Lady Natasha (Tasha) Dorrington in the Lady Sherlock series.

Cynthia Ward: Sherlock Holmes’ stepniece, Lucy Harker in The Adventure of the Incognita Countess.

For TV/Film


Milky Holmes

Shirley Holmes and Jane Watson in My Dearly Beloved Detective

Madame Vastra on Doctor Who

Female Holmes and Watson (keeping name Sherlock) in webseries Baker Street


Temperance Brennan on Bones.

Upcoming Japanese series, Miss Sherlock, which looks very exciting

Other Detectives

Irene Adler series by Carole Nelson Douglas

Mrs. Hudson series by:

  • Martin Davies
  • Sydney Hosier
  • Barry S. Brown

Mrs. Hudson and Mary Morstan Watson series by Michelle Birkby

Mary Watson series by Molly Carr

The Second Mrs. Watson series by Michael Malory