Our Statement on Chris Redmond

In lieu of the situation regarding Chris Redmond, the Sherlockian.net team is reassessing roughly 100+ pages of content and 500+ links. While we are contractually obligated to keep his name on our site and keep him on our board of advisors until October 2019, know that we stand with and support the survivors. We will […]

The Baker Street Journal: Essential Sherlockian Reading

There’s no shortage of people forming groups, or participating in already formed groups, to study and share their knowledge of, interest in, and passion for literature and fiction. This is obviously the case for the Sherlock Holmes stories, apparent in the existence of this very website, but the first and most notable literary society pertaining […]

221b Con 2019

You’re sitting comfortably reading or watching something Sherlockian, and you stumble upon a line or passage so compelling that you must share it with someone. In a moment of pure literary elation, you pick up your phone only to realize that you don’t know a single soul who could possibly appreciate this excerpt as much as […]

The Latest Sherlock Holmes Adaptation

Overlooked among the deluge of other holiday films, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly delivered yet another adaptation of the Great Detective and his trusted Dr. Watson. Written by Etan Cohen, who is best known for writing and directing Idiocracy and Tropic Thunder, Holmes and Watson attempts to put a humorous spin on Conan Doyle’s […]

ASH Autumn Luncheon

The Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes (ASH) will be hosting their annual Autumn Luncheon on November 18, 2018! Based in New York City, ASH was founded in the late 1960s by a group of women students from Albertus Magnus College. With values rooted in inclusion, persistence, and perseverance, they are the oldest women’s Sherlockian Society in […]

The Greek Interpreters

After a seasonal break, The Greek Interpreters of East Lansing, Michigan are up and running once more. This scion is composed largely of Michigan State University faculty and alumnus, with roots embedded in several MSU departments including Criminology, Chemistry, and Spanish. Additionally, these connections are supported by a relationship with the University library. This summer, […]

Results from the 6th Annual John H Watson Society Treasure Hunt

For the sixth annual John H Watson Society Treasure Hunt, dubbed TH6: Every Link Rings True, three-time Treasure Hunt Master Margie Deck presented a different type of challenge in style and structure for the hunters, and they certainly rose to meet it. In fact, the team earning High Honors submitted their hunt before the month […]

The New BSI Website

The Baker Street Irregulars (BSI) has completely overhauled its website. The BSI was founded in 1934 and was the very first Sherlockian literary society. From 1934 until 2000, the BSI had no dedicated website, but that all changed when the original BSI site was created in 2001. As stated on the site, “The Baker Street […]

The Three Gables – Hounds Summary

Ralph Edwards Chris Redmond Sonia Fetherston Steve Clarkson Ralph Edwards – Wed, 29 Jun 1994 How does this entrance compare with others (PRIO, SPEC)? How had Holmes’s consulting practice developed over the years? Does “curled down” differ from “curled up”? Where was Billy? What identifies a boxer? (See GLOR) Do we read into this case […]

The Solitary Cyclist – Hounds Summary

Ralph Edwards Chris Redmond Sonia Fetherston Steve Clarkson Ralph Edwards – Fri, 24 Mar 1995 What happened in 1902? Was the culmination a tragedy? Did Watson elsewhere mention annual manuscript notebooks? Was harshness foreign to Holmes’ nature in his treatment of Watson? Have pedals been improved? Is a spatulation alone (and still) the hazard of […]