ABC of the BSI

Curated By Alexian Gregory, BSI (“The Grimpen Postmaster”) ASH (“The Coptic Monasteries of Syria and Egypt”), The Fourth Garrideb (“Gray Archways and Mullioned Windows And All the Venerable Wreckage of a Feudal Keep”)

Here’s my alphabetical listing of all BSI investitures ordered by the first word in them. Thus “Beryl Stapleton” and “Beryl Coronet” are both listed under “B”. When there is a title affixed to the name, the name is listed under the title; thus “Lord Bellinger” is under “L,” and “Sir James Damery” is under “S.” The exceptions to this rule are Investitures beginning with “A” “An” “That” “The” “Those” “Mr.” “Miss” or “Mrs.” etc. These will be listed under the next word. Thus “Saunders, Mrs.” On the other hand Investitures beginning with “Monsieur” or “Mme.” are listed under these titles. Where the same Investitures have been re-issued, they are given in the chronological order of bestowal. “Inspector Baynes” and “Wilson Hargreave” have been re-issued with minor variants. Here I bowed to history and have abandoned strict alphabetization in favor of chronological order.

In searching for a particular investiture, thought must be given to all canonical possibilities. Thus one will find neither “Maiwand” nor “Battle of Maiwand, The.” Rather, it is listed under “Fatal Battle of Maiwand, The.” Similarly one will find “Baron Maupertuis” under “Colossal Schemes of Baron Maupertuis, The”; while “Charlie Peace” is listed under “My Old Friend Charlie Peace.” Then we have both “Cardinal Tosca” and “Sudden Death of Cardinal Tosca, The.”

The longest Investiture (48 characters) is “The Politician, the Lighthouse, and the Trained Cormorant”. The shortest ones are “Billy” and “Cooee.” The Investiture with the most unusual punctuation is “Smack! Smack! Smack!” That is also unique as it consists of only a repeated word. Only two Investitures contain numerals: “17 King Edward Street,” and “V.V. 341.” Two investitures share the distinction of being composed of only non-English words. They are “Baritsu” and “Englisher Hof.” One investiture consists of a sound that isn’t a proper word at all, “Cooee.”

The most popular canonical characters who have provided investiture names are those beginning with “Sir” or “Doctor” which have provided 15 investitures each. Then we have 12 “Colonels,” 10 “Inspectors,” and 9 “Johns.” The most issued investitures are A Case of Identity, The Gloria Scott, and The Final Problem which have each been awarded five times. In second place we have The Abbey Grange and The Three Gables which have each been given four times.

Strangely two Investitures are totally non-canonical. They are “The Field Bazaar” and “The Curious Incident of Sherlock Holmes in Japan.” And strictly speaking, “St. Bartholomew’s Hospital” and “Chemical Laboratory of St. Barts” are not canonical investitures as only “Bart’s” and “The Chemical Laboratory” are mentioned in Study in Scarlet. Likewise, “The Coptic Patriarchs” should be “The Two Coptic Patriarchs” to be strictly canonical.

Two investitures are simultaneously held by living BSIs. They are “The Hammerford Will Case” and “Vamberry, The Wine Merchant.” The latter investiture has a rather interesting history. “Vamberry, The Wine Merchant” was first issued in 1954 to Tony Montag. In 1956 it was issued to Dean W. Dickensheet. So at that point it was held simultaneously by two living BSIs, Montag & Dickensheet. On March 15, 1983 Dean W. Dickensheet passed beyond the Reichenbach Falls, and thus the investiture was held by only one living BSI, Tony Montag. In January 1985 this same investiture was issued to Arthur Liebman. Since then it has been held yet again by two living BSIs, Montag & Leibman. It appears that “The Old Russian Woman” was simultaneously held by Anatole Chujoy and Lenore Glen Offord until the death of Anatole Chujoy in 1969.

Three men have changed their investitures. George Armstrong gave up “Wiggins” so that Tom Stix could use that title as the head of the BSI. George Armstrong then took the investiture of “John o‘ Groats.” When Tom Stix moved to Norwood, NJ, his investiture changed from “The Case of Bert Stevens” to “The Norwood Builder.” Finally Gerald Wachs went from “Godfrey Emsworth” to “Sir James Saunders.”

ABC of the BSI List

Beryl Coronet, TheAbramson, Ben*1949
Lord CantlemereAbromson, Herman*1977
Gorgiano of the Red CircleAccardo, Pasquale2002
Thorneycroft HuxtableAccardo, Peter X.2012
Winter Assizes at Norwich, TheAdams, Charles A.*1990
Addleton Tragedy, TheAddlestone, Alan*1985
Bishopgate Jewel Case, TheAkers, Arthur K.*1958
HalifaxAlberstat, Mark2014
Ivy DouglasAlcaro, Mary2020
Hilton SoamesAlvarez, Marino C.2015
Resident Patient, TheAnderson, Carl H.*1951
Inspector Baynes of the Surrey ConstabularyAnderson, James L.*1964
Emilia LuccaAnderson, Karen2000
Dreadful Abernetty Business, TheAnderson, Poul*1960
Shoscombe Old PlaceAndrew, Clifton R.*1950
Shoso-In Near Nara, TheArai, Kiyoshi2015
Actor and a Rare One, AnArmstrong, Curtis2006
John o' Groat'sArmstrong, George*1984
Birdy EdwardsArmstrong, Walter P., Jr.*1985
Penrose FisherAronson, Marvin E.*1968
Peter Steiler the ElderAshman, Peter G.*1982
Remarkable Worm, TheAsimov, Isaac*1976
Hammerford Will Case, TheAthey, Forrest1978Held simultaneously
Engineer's Thumb, TheAustin, Bliss*1944
State and Merton County RailroadBaesch, John F.1998
Oxford Flier, TheBall, John, Jr.*1960
Gloria Scott, TheBaring-Gould, William S.*1952
Gloria Scott, TheBarnes, William2009
Man with the Twisted Lip, TheBartlett, Edward*1952
Josiah BrownBassett, Carl*1977
Yellow Face, TheBeaman, Bruce R.1980
Young StamfordBeckemeyer, Doyle W.*1956
StapletonBeckman, Erik*1986
Lord BackwaterBeckman, Frank S.*1984
Sir James SaundersBeerman, Herman*1964
Barque Lone Star, TheBeeson, William B.*1983
CartwrightBelanger, Terry1968
Valley of Fear, TheBell, Harold Wilmerding*1945
Lion's Mane, TheBengis, Nathan L.*1950
Henri MurgerBerdan, Marshall S. 2007
Birdy EdwardsBergem, Phillip2012
Honourable Philip Green, TheBergman, Ted*1978
King of Scandinavia, TheBergquist, John2005
Aloysius Doran, Esq., of San Francisco, Cal.Berner, William A.*1983
Hammerford Will Case, TheBerry, John Stevens1980Held simultaneously
Agony Column, TheBetzner, Ray1987
Five Orange Pips, The Bigelow, S. Tupper*1959
Shinwell JohnsonBisio, Robert*1986
Norwegian Named Sigerson, ABlakeney, T. S.*1967
Cavendish SquareBlanksteen, Charles2017
Black PeterBlau, Peter E.1959
Francis Hay Moulton, Mr.Bliss, John1984
Isadora PersanoBlomquist, Alvin E.*1955
Copper Beeches, TheBond, Scott1983
Meyers, TorontoBoote, Henry W.2002
Swedish Pathological Society, TheBostrom, Mattias2007
Five Orange Pips, TheBoswell, Rolfe*1951
Valley of Fear, TheBoucher, Anthony*1949
Mary MorstanBradley, Mary Ann2012
Case of Identity, ABradway, Jeffry A.2009
Disappearance of James Phillimore, TheBready, James H.*1955
Ferrers Documents, TheBrean, Herbert*1961
Josiah BrownBrewer, James*1979
Jephro RucastleBroderick, Robert M.1983
Gloria Scott, The Brodie, Robert N.*1971
AnstrutherBrody, Howard1981
John SangerBrogdon, Philip R.1988
Gap on That Second Shelf, ThatBrosnan, Vinnie*2011
Sir Charles AppledoreBrundage, Paul H.1984
British Government, TheBruxner, Pamela*1998
James Stanger of the HeraldBuchholtz, James*1960
Most Winning Woman, The Burke, Jan2013
Rascally Lascar, TheBurr, Robert C.*1987
Dr. Grimesby RoylottBurrows, George F.*1964
Bank of France, TheCagnat, Jean-Pierre1993
Leeds Mercury, TheCalamai, Peter*2005
Giant Rat of Sumatra, TheCameron, Dana2016
Brenda TregennisCampbell, Mary*2002
Dr. JacksonCaplan, Richard M.*1989
Dr. James MortimerCarey, Eugene F.*1961
Beacons of the FutureCarlisle, Shannon2018
Case of Mme. Montpensier, TheCarver, Robert Q.*1962
Duke of Balmoral, TheCho, Frank2020
Final Problem, TheChrist, Jay Finley*1949
AntonioChristenson, Edwin L.2003
Old Russian Woman, TheChujoy, Anatole*1955
CorotChurchill, Paul G.*2006
Wilson, The Notorious Canary TrainerClapp, Roger*1951
Retired Colourman, TheClark, Benjamin S.*1951
Watson's JournalClark, Dean2018
Matter of the French Government, TheClark, Edward F., Jr.*1963
Politician, the Lighthouse, and the Trained Cormorant, TheClark, John D.*1965
Copper Beeches, TheClarke, Richard W.*1949
Red Leech, TheClarkson, Paul S.*1956
Morse HudsonClarkson, Paul S., Jr.*1970
Howard GarridebCleary, James C., Jr.*1988
Opal Tiara, TheClyne, Robert C.*1959
Cardinal ToscaCochran, Leonard*1973
MurrayCochran, William R.1988
John Hopley NeliganCoghill, Bob1983
John FerrierCohen, Saul1978
Neil GibsonColby, Walter2020
Crooked Man, TheConstable, John D.*1986
Book of Life, TheCooke, Catherine1994
Stranger's Room, TheCoppola, Joseph A.2003
Whole Art of Detection, TheCoules, Bert2016
Conk-Singleton Forgery Case, TheCox, J. Randolph1967
Solitary Cyclist, TheCrawford, Bryce L., Jr.*1985
Norwood Builder, TheCrocker, Stephen F.*1953
Dr. James MortimerCrotty, John P.*1972
Noble Bachelor, TheCrupe, Peter J.1994
His Last BowCumings, Thayer*1953
Irish Secret Society, AnCummings, Carey1988
Abe SlaneyCunningham, Philip2013
Jabez WilsonCurtis, Donald E.2000
Lord BellingerCynkin, Thomas M.2010
Bruce-Partington Plans, TheDahlinger, Susan2009
Count Von und Zu GrafensteinDalliba, William Swift*1956
Colonel Lysander StarkDame, Morency R.*1982
Naval Treaty, TheDandrew, Thomas, II1978
Giant Rat of Sumatra, TheDaniels, Thomas L.*1961
Dying Detective, TheDannay, Frederic*1950
Engineer's Thumb, TheDarak, Gregory2009
Thor BridgeDavenport, Basil*1951
Study in Scarlet, ADavies, Bernard*1985
Sir Ralph MusgraveDavies, David Stuart1995
Temple, TheDavies, Ross2017
Case of Identity, ADavis, Elmer*1949
Grosvenor Square Furniture Van, TheDavis, Norman M.*1972
Horace HarkerDavis, Stafford G.*1980
Dr. Grimesby RoylottDecker, Jeff1992
Right Honourable Trelawney Hope, Thede Freitas, Wilfrid M.1985
Speckled Band, ThedeGozzaldi, J. Devereux*1980
Harrawayde Groat, Raymond A.1971
Anthropological JournalDe La Cova, Carlina2020
Ferrers Documents, TheDenbo, Elic*1974
Noble Bachelor, TheDenton, Lloyd H.*1952
Inspector Baynes of the Surrey ConstabularyDerleth, August*1971
St. Pancras Case, TheDe Stefano, James J.*1985
Intricate Matter from Marseilles, TheDeutsch, Irwin F.*1962
Dancing Men, TheDevitt, Allan2009
Lomax, the Sub-LibrarianDe Waal, Ronald B.*1969
Great Mogul, TheDiamond, Susan Z.*1998
Vamberry, the Wine MerchantDickensheet, Dean W.*1956
Ivy DouglasDickensheet, Shirley*1993
Henry Ward BeecherDinegar, Robert*1984
Langdale PikeDirda, Michael2002
Single Large Airy Sitting-Room, ADobry, Denny2018
Six Napoleons, TheDodge, Laurence P.*1944
Manor House Case, TheDonegall, Marquis of*1955
Helen StonerDorey, Helen F.2012
Newgate Calendar, TheDorn, William S.1999
Priory School, TheDouty, Robert Watson*1980
Certain Gracious Lady, ADoyle, Dame Jean Conan*1991
Ettie ShafterDoyle, PJ2010
Western Morning News, TheDoyle, Steven T.1996
PorlockDrake, Stillman*1963
Papers of Ex-President Murillo, TheDudley, W. E.*1976
Hugh BooneDuke, Anthony1985
Wilson, The Notorious Canary TrainerDurein, John2016
Martyrdom of Man, TheDuschnes, Philip C.*1964
Battered Tin Dispatch-Box, TheDuval, James O.*1984
Mary SutherlandEaker, Jenn2016
Joyce CummingsEarle, Ralph, II*1968
Hound of the Baskervilles, TheEberman, Barton A.*1986
Stockbroker's Clerk, TheEckrich, Joseph J.1993
Dr. BarnicotEdwards, Ralph E.*1963
Canadian Pacific RailwayElliott, Douglas2000
Illustrious Client, TheEllis, Robert2009
John GarridebEnberg, Henry W.*1991
Count Negretto SylviusEpstein, Marvin P.*1977
Cox and Co.Eustace, Frank J., Jr.*1965
Diogenes Club, TheEvans, Constantine1974
Sir Charles BaskervilleFaherty, Terence2011
BarrymoreFairlie, Matthew*1971
Tiger of San Pedro, TheFarrell, John F.*1981
Kitty WinterFaye, Lyndsay2011
Prince of Colonna, TheFeinberg, Samuel*1977
Hammerford Will Case, TheFeldman, Lew D.*1957
Singular Tragedy of the Atkinson Brothers, TheFenton, Irving M.*1957
Dr. Leon SterndaleFerry, Frank2011
Solitary Cyclist, TheFetherston, Sonia2014
Martyrdom of Man, TheFink, Joseph*1986
Barker, My Hated RivalFish, Robert L.*1971
Matilda Briggs, TheFisher, Charles*1958
Josiah BrownFleischauer, William E.*1972
RacheFleischhack, Maria2018
Cardboard Box, TheFletcher, George1969
Marlow BatesFoley, Charles2001
Golden Pince-Nez, TheFolsom, Henry T.*1965
Colonel James BarclayFoss, Thomas Frederick*1970
Commission from the Sultan of Turkey, AFoster, Alan*1965
Gloria Scott, TheFox, Lyttleton*1969
Vigor, the Hammersmith WonderFox, Matthew*1972
Imperial Opera of Warsaw, TheFrancis, Thomas J.1995
VernetFrayling, Sir Christopher2010
Commonplace Book, TheFriedman, Theodore*1995
Colonel UpwoodFrier, Robert B.*1960
Musgrave Ritual, TheFrisbie, Owen P.*1950
Missing Three-Quarter, TheFromkin, T. Michelle1994
Athelney JonesFusco, Andrew G.1972
Sir James DameryGagen, Mark2002
Devil's Foot, TheGaiman, Neil2005
Bert StevensGalerstein, David*1972
MoriartyGardner, John*1988
Great Agra Treasure, TheGanguly, Jayantika2016
RosenlauiGeisser, Marcus2001
Harry PinnerGenova, John2008
Veiled Lodger, TheGeorge, Isaac S.*1951
Final Problem, TheGerber, Samuel M.*1980
Baron DowsonGermeshausen, Alvin F.*1980
Aluminium Crutch, TheGillies, Joseph*1962
Fordham, The Horsham LawyerGoldfarb, Clifford S.1984
Stockbroker's Clerk, TheGoodman, Charles*1950
Alexander HolderGoodrich, William D.*1977
Three Gables, TheGore-Booth, Baron*1953
Hilton Soames, of the College of St. Luke's, Mr.Grady, Thomas F.*1962
Whitaker's AlmanackGraves, Orval C.*1982
Three Gables, TheGreen, Richard Lancelyn*1985
Uncle NedGreeney, David2003
Ragged Shaw, TheGreer, Timothy S.2016
Grimpen Postmaster, TheGregory, Alexian A.2003
Three Gables, TheGreig, Peter*1951
General de MervilleGriffin, Daniel*1968
Black Jack of BallaratGroves, Derham1985
Count Negretto SylviusGuerra, Stefano2013
Field Bazaar, TheGuthrie, Douglas*1964
Imperial TokayGuy, Patricia2010
Veiled Lodger, TheGuymon, E. T., Jr.*1958
Wisteria LodgeHaas, J. Hoxie, Jr.*1969
Ricoletti of the Club FootHadley, Rollin V., Jr.*1956
Colonel RossHahn, Robert W.*1963
Smack! Smack! Smack!Hall, Ralph1996
Blue Carbuncle, TheHall, William S.*1944
Jacob ShafterHammarqvist, Anders2000
Major-General StonerHammer, David L.1986
Silver BlazeHammond, Roland*1945
Missing Three-Quarter, TheHand, Herbert T., Jr.*1951
Inspector ForresterHapner, Barry*1983
Huret, The Boulevard AssassinHardenbrook, Don*1955
Sign of the Four, TheHardwick, Michael*1985
Wisteria LodgeHarrington, Hugh T.1996
Creeping Man, TheHarris, Robert G.*1952
Camberwell Poisoning Case, TheHarrison, Michael*1964
Henry BakerHart, Jeffory2015
Abergavenny Murders, TheHart, Thomas*1960
Ancient British Barrow, TheHartman, Harry*1968
Five Orange Pips, TheHatcher, Jeffrey2018
Ted BaldwinHaunert, William C.*1984
Devil's Foot, TheHaycraft, Howard*1950
Charles Augustus MilvertonHeldenbrand, Page*1951
Reigning Family of Holland, TheHelling, Cornelis*1961
Musgrave Ritual, TheHendrickson, John R.*1966
Case of Identity, AHenriksen, A. D.*1959
Lion's Mane, TheHenry, Charles E.*1980
Leverton, of Pinkerton's, Mr.Herbert, Paul D.1977
Colonel Emsworth, V.C.Herst, Herman, Jr.*1968
Daintiest Thing Under a Bonnet, TheHerzog, Evelyn A.1991
BaritsuHigashiyama, Akane2012
Baron Adelbert GrunerHigurashi, Masamichi1998
Jack PrendergastHill, Gideon D.2004
Francois le VillardHill, Stanfield D.1977
Japanese Vase, TheHirayama, Yuichi1993
Inspector LestradeHobbs, Donald J.2012
Famous Card Scandal of the Nonpareil Club, TheHoerr, William A.*1968
Sir James WalterHodel, Michael P.*1985
Dr. Leslie ArmstrongHoff, Ebbe Curtis*1965
Merridew of Abominable MemoryHoffman, Everett C.*1958
Dynamics of an Asteroid, TheHoffmann, Banesh*1963
AltamontHoffmann, Frank A.*1979
Beryl Coronet, TheHoffmann, Richard H.*1952
Binomial Theorem, TheHogan, John C.*1962
Aluminium Crutch, The Hogan, John V. L.*1954
Beryl GarciaHolder, Nancy2020
Three Students, TheHollyer, Cameron*1978
St. Pancras Case, TheHolroyd, James Edward*1963
Tired Captain, TheHolstein, Leon S.*1954
Papers of Ex-President Murillo, TheHolzapfel, John*1956
Enoch J. DrebberHomer, Michael2007
Empty House, TheHonce, Charles*1944
Inner Temple, TheHorrocks, Peter1996
Colonel Sebastian MoranHorrocks, Thomas A.2013
Duke of Balmoral, TheHough George A.*1983
British Museum, TheHoule, David W.2011
Sutro, the LawyerHourwich, George K.*1966
Dutch Steamship Friesland, TheHoward, Samuel F.*1958
Sir James DameryHowland, Charles B.*1965
John Hector McFarlaneHowlett, Anthony D.*1994
British Government, TheHowlett, Freda*2020
Something Hunt, TheHunt, Harrison2014
Singular Adventures of the Grice Patersons, TheHunter, Rosser L.*1955
Most Valuable Institution, AHyder, William J.1997
Blanched Soldier, TheIraldi, James C.*1952
Market StreetIzban, Donald B.1994
Resident Patient, TheJaffee, Walter W.2009
Wilson HargreaveJeffers, H. Paul*1999
Sahara KingJenkins, William D.*1963
Blanched Soldier, TheJensen, Jens Byskov2009
Sir Charles HalleJoffe, Andrew1989
Sir Jasper MeekJohn, George*1969
Remarkable Invention, AJohnson, Kenton A.*1981
Pall Mall GazetteJohnson, Roger1991
Missing Three-Quarter, TheJohnston, Ames*1966
Yellow-Backed Novel, AJoyce, Thomas J.1994
Birdy EdwardsKaegebehn, Charles*1968
Charles Augustus MilvertonKalt, Bryson R.*1967
Monsieur Oscar Meunier, of GrenobleKamil, Irving*1981
Charles Augustus MilvertonKaplan, Alan R.*1985
Evening Standard, TheKarlson, Kate1996
Dundas Separation Case, TheKasson, Philip*1963
SarasateKatz, Alexander2019
Jean Baptiste GreuzeKatz, Richard L.1979
Dr. AinstreeKatz, Robert S.1983
Practical Handbook of Bee CultureKaylor, T. Michael1987
General Charles GordonKean, Michael H.1979
Crooked Man, TheKeddie, James, Jr.*1945
Winwood ReadeKeefauver, Brad A.1989
Rachel HowellsKegley, Chrys2015
Nathan GarridebKegley, Jerry2006
Colossal Schemes of Baron Maupertuis, TheKeller, Cyril A.*1951
Robert FergusonKelly, Fred*1968
BannisterKennedy, Bruce1968
PritchardKey, Jack D.*1989
Sudden Death of Cardinal Tosca, TheKilroe, Edward*1955
Professor CoramKimball, Elliot*1965
Captain Arthur MorstanKing, Edwin V.*1991
Red Circle, TheKing, Laurie R.2010
James M. Dodd, Mr.King, Martin J.*1970
Hatty Doran, MissKinnee, June L.1999
Jack StapletonKittle, C. Frederick*2000
Lady Hilda Trelawney HopeKitts, Francine2004
Battered Tin Dispatch-Box, TheKitts, Richard J.1997
Old Russian Woman, TheKlimchinskaya, Anastasia2018
British Barque Sophy Anderson, TheKlinefelter, Walter*1962
Abbey Grange, TheKlinger, Leslie S.1999
Lascar Scoundrel, TheKnud-Hansen, John2019
BaritsuKobayashi, Tsukasa*1989
Sussex Vampire, TheKoelle, John B.*1965
Baron Gruner, The AustrianKrejci-Graf, Karl*1967
Archie Stamford, The ForgerKreuzberger, George*1956
Matilda Briggs, TheLachtman, Howard L.1982
Wilson Hargreave, of the New York PoliceLane, W. Kenneth*1982
Abbey Grange, TheLang, Milton C.*1953
His Last BowLanza, Kenneth C.*1997
Holmes's AlpenstockLatella, Brigitte2019
Royal Family of Scandinavia, TheLauritzen, Henry*1961
Thorneycroft Huxtable, M.A., Ph.D., etc.Lauterbach, Charles E.*1962
Thorneycroft Huxtable, M.A., Ph.D., etc.Lauterbach, Edward S.*1965
Matilda Briggs, TheLawrence, Edgar H.*1967
Grosvenor Square Furniture Van, TheLawson, Douglas*1961
James M. Dodd, Mr.Laxton, Glenn*1975
Cardboard Box, TheLeavitt, Robert Keith*1949
Arthur H. Staunton, The ForgerLebowitz, Mo*1970
Franco-Midland Hardware Company, TheLeeb, Gene A.1981
Danite Band, TheLehman, John1984
Rodger PrescottLellenberg, Jon L.1974no longer a member, June 2014
Six Napoleons, TheLePage, Sebastien2009
Fatal Battle of Maiwand, TheLesh, Richard D.*1965
Abe SlaneyLevin, Alfred A.*1993
Cutter Alicia, TheLevine, Arthur L.*1955
Count Von und Zu GrafensteinLevinson, David*1965
Don MurilloLevy, Mark2013
Little Art Jargon, ALewis, Candace2018
William WhyteLewis, Lou1998
Vamberry, the Wine MerchantLiebman, Arthur1985Held simultaneously
Inspector GregoryLiebow, Ely M.*1979
Thor BridgeLindfors, Bernth1968
Tobias GregsonLinsenmeyer, John M.1972
My Old Friend Charlie PeaceLione, James*1976
Attenta PericoloLopez, Michele2019
Langdale PikeLowndes, Robert A. W.*1973
Jack StapletonLudwig, Ken2020
Duke of Holdernesse, TheLuther, Howard*1970
Art in the BloodMacBird, Bonnie2017
Famous Card Scandal of the Nonpareil Club, TheMacDonald, Brian R.1982
Brunton, The Butler, of HurlstoneMacDougald, Duncan, Jr.*1962
V.V. 341MacGregor, Marilyn1999
Man with the Twisted Lip, TheMacKenzie, Stanley*1967
SarasateMackler, Allen*1990
Bruce-Partington Plans, TheMacy, George*1951
Case of John Vincent Harden, TheMahoney, Tom*1962
Strange Old Book Collector, TheMalec, Andrew1986
Grace DunbarManente, Kristina2015
Sir Hugo BaskervilleMangler, Robert J.*1962
Shoscombe Old PlaceMannion, Rodney*1969
Case of Identity, AMansbridge, Ronald*1998
Hilton CubittMargolin, Jerry1977
Grand Hotel du Louvre, TheMarriott, Guy C.2008
Scandal in Bohemia, AMarshall, Leslie*1949
Colonel Sebastian MoranMartin, Alastair*1972
Dr. Leslie ArmstrongMartin, C. Paul1986
Seventeen StepsMartorelli, Nick2018
White MasonMason, Bill2015
Final Problem, TheMatetsky, Ira2019
Case of Fairdale Hobbs, TheMather, Philip R.*1960
Coptic Patriarchs, TheMatthews, Robert E., Jr.*1958
Chaldean Roots . . . of the Great Celtic Speech, ThoseMcCabe, John*1966
Eliza BarrymoreMcCafferty, Elaine2007
BarrymoreMcCafferty, Jonathan2007
Young StamfordMcCammon, Terry2019
Stimson and Co.McClure, Michael W.1992
Hosmer AngelMcCormack, George1961
Reigate Squires, TheMcCullam, William1975
Dancing Men, TheMcDade, Thomas M.*1957
Bruce-Partington Plans, TheMcDiarmid, E. W.*1957
Bodymaster McGintyMcDonough, Donald A.*1976
Hudson, Mrs.McGaw, Lisa*1982
Wilson, The Notorious Canary-TrainerMcGee, Tom*1981
Arthur Cadogan WestMcIntyre, Peter2014
Violet de MervilleMcKay, Marilynne2002
Solitary Cyclist, TheMcKee, Wilbur K.*1944
Duchess of Devonshire, TheMcKuras, Julie A.2001
Naval Treaty, TheMcLauchlin, Russell*1949
London Library, TheMcLean, Austin J.*1990
Lucy FerrierMcMahon, Katherine*1991
Lady Mary BrackenstallMcNamara, Rosane2013
Cecil BarkerMcPherson, Mark1979
Plumstead Marshes, TheMcQuage, M. Kenneth1989
Seven-Per-Cent Solution, TheMcSwiggin, Michael2019
Sir Jasper MeekMeaker, Samuel R.*1964
Englisher Hof, TheMeer, Michael A.2000
Fascinating and Beautiful Woman, AMeiser, Edith*1991
Lord HoldhurstMende, Frederic H.*1982
PalladioMerrill, Edward A.*1972
Colonel HayterMerriman, Charles O.*1963
Trepoff Murder, TheMerritt, Russell L.1960
Adolph MeyerMeyer, Charles A.1988
Fritz von WaldbaumMeyer, Karl E.*1977
Fine Morocco Case, AMeyer, Nicholas2004
Rock of Gibraltar, TheMichell, W. R.*1985
Sutro, the LawyerMichelman, Jeffrey L.1980
Ionides, of AlexandriaMiddleton, Herbert H.*1985
Grice Patersons in the Island of Uffa, TheMiller, Richard H.*1982
Lady Hatty St. SimonMiranker, Emily2015
Origin of Tree Worship, TheMiranker, Glen S.1991
Vamberry, the Wine MerchantMontag, Tony1954Held simultaneously
Violet SmithMontague, Sarah2010
Red Circle, TheMontgomery, Bruce*1994
Red Circle, TheMontgomery, James*1949
Inspector MontgomeryMontgomery, Jeffrey*1979
Corporal Henry WoodMonty, W. Scott, II2001
Sir Augustus Moran, C.B.Moran, Joseph W.*1991
Patience MoranMoran, Patricia E.*1992
Simple Case, AMorgan, Robert S.*1960
Napoleon of Crime, TheMoriarty, Daniel L.*1960
Sign of the Four, TheMorley, Christopher*1944
Second Stain, TheMorley, Felix*1944
Three Garridebs, TheMorley, Frank V.*1944
Count Von KrammMorrill, David F.2008
Lion's Mane, TheMorris, Jacquelynn2014
James Stanger of the HeraldMorrow, Daniel J.1977
Grice Patersons in the Island of Uffa, TheMorrow, L. A.*1966
Culverton SmithMoss, Daniel2013
Case of Fairdale Hobbs, TheMoss, Robert A.*1980
Noble Bachelor, TheMurphy, Michael*1976
Reginald MusgraveMusgrave, Donald P.*1976
Wagner Night at Covent GardenMusic, Christopher2014
Dr. AnstrutherMusto, David F.*1969
Bartholomew SholtoNadel, William1991
Curious Incident of Sherlock Holmes in Japan, TheNaganuma, Kohki*1962
Penang Lawyer, TheNathan, Hartley R.1980
Lady Frances CarfaxNelson, James*1952
Veiled Lodger, TheNielsen, Bjarne*1984
Abe SlaneyNieminski, John*1969
Man on the Tor, TheNiver, Harold E.1979
CarinaNiver, Theodora1997
Godfrey NortonNolan, Norman S.*1972
Norwegian Named Sigerson, ANordberg, Nils1981
Monsieur Oscar Meunier, of GrenobleNorris, Luther*1966
Empty House, TheNovorsky, Donald E.1977
Lady Clara St. SimonNuhn, Dayna2007
Knowledge of Chemistry, --ProfoundO'Brien, James2015
Old Russian Woman, TheOfford, Lenore Glen*1958
CooeeOlding, Alan C.*1988
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* Deceased