The Florin Society

Curated By Alexian Gregory, BSI (“The Grimpen Postmaster”), ASH (“The Coptic Monasteries of Syria and Egypt”), The Fourth Garrideb (“Gray Archways and Mullioned Windows And All the Venerable Wreckage of a Feudal Keep”)

The first list presented below is of all those married couples in which both spouses have been invested in the BSI. Since each couple has two shillings, I have chosen to call them the Florins---the two-shilling coin of the Victorian Era.

This list is alphabetical by surname. The name of the spouse who received the investiture earlier is given first. Next to each name is the year the shilling was awarded. In cases where one or both have died I have indicated this by an asterisk next to the name(s).

Two couples hold a special distinction in that both spouses were invested in the same year. They are David Stuart Davies & Kathryn White and also Jonathan & Elaine McCafferty. In the case of the latter couple the investitures are even more unusual. Elaine was invested at the BSI Dinner in NYC, and Jonathan was invested in London eight days later at the SHSL Dinner. On the other hand, the Andersons had the longest gap of any spouses between their investitures---40 years! A hearty tip of the deerstalker to all these couples who by their hard work have earned their membership in the Florin Society!

These two lists will be updated as needed. Both lists are free to all, but they are only sent by e-mail. Any mistakes or omissions in either the ABC of the BSI or in the Florin Society should be reported through the contact form available at the bottom of the page.

List of Members

Anderson, Poul* 1960 & Anderson, Karen* 2000
Bond, Scott 1983 & Rose-Bond, Sherry 1992
Davies, David Stuart 1995 & White, Kathryn 1995
Diamond, Susan Z.* 1998 & Devitt, Allan 2009
Dickensheet, Dean* 1956 & Dickensheet, Shirley* 1993
Herzog, Evelyn 1991 & Baesch, John* 1998
Joffee, Andrew 1989 & Montague, Sarah 2010
Johnson, Roger 1991 & Upton, Jean 2000
Kegley, Jerry 2006 & Kegley, Chrys 2015
Kitts, Richard 1997 & Kitts, Francine 2004
Kobayashi, Tsukasa* 1989 & Higashiyama, Akane; 2012
Lewis, Lou 1998 & Lewis, Candace 2018
McCafferty, Elaine 2007 & McCafferty, Jonathan 2007
Niver, Harold 1979 & Niver, Theodora 1997
Rice, Susan* 1991 & Fromkin, T. Michelle 1994
Roden, Christopher 2002 & Roden, Barbara 2005
Rosenblatt, Albert 1974 & Rosenblatt, Julia Carlson 1991
Rusch, Barbara 2009 & Zaldin, Donny 2012
Shreffler, Philip 1974 & Rich, Mary Ellen 1992
Smedegaard, Paul* 1977 & Smedegaard, Margaret 1997
Stetak, Tom* 1990 & Stetak, Ruthann 1994
Stix, Thomas* L. Jr. 1961 & Stix, Dorothy 1997
Swift, Wayne* 1978 & Swift, Francine* 1994
Van der Flaes, Edwin 1984* & Van der Flaes, Maureen* Green 1992
Vizoskie, Ben 2000 & Vizoskie, Susan 2003
Whelan, Michael F.* 1974 & Bradley, Mary Ann 2012