A floor plan of what Holmes and Watson's rooms at 221B Baker Street might have looked like

221b Con 2019

You’re sitting comfortably reading or watching something Sherlockian, and you stumble upon a line or passage so compelling that you must share it with someone. In a moment of pure literary elation, you pick up your phone only to realize that you don’t know a single soul who could possibly appreciate this excerpt as much as you. Well, you’re in luck, as this years 221B Convention is right around the corner.

This coming April—from the 5th to the 7th—in Atlanta, GA there will be a congregation of all things Sherlock Holmes as well as a myriad of people to nerd out in unison with. The event is affectionately dubbed 221B Con and, from the description on the website, sounds like it will be quite the time. There will be a great deal of activities ranging from panels that discuss the various iterations of Holmes and examine of the role of women in canonical literature to dance parties, and much more in between. 221B Con will also be proudly hosting authors Lyndsay Faye, internationally best-selling author of Dust and Shadow, and Nancy Springer who has written over fifty books.

You can join the conversation before the event by interacting with 221B Con on twitter @221bcon. Their twitter account has a plethora of great information dealing with other events/fun stuff pertinent to Sherlock Holmes. You can register for 221B Con now at 221bcon.com, and for all things Sherlockian, be sure to meander around our very own sherlockian.net. Happy sleuthing!

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Written by Jacob Largen