Results from the 6th Annual John H Watson Society Treasure Hunt

For the sixth annual John H Watson Society Treasure Hunt, dubbed TH6: Every Link Rings True, three-time Treasure Hunt Master Margie Deck presented a different type of challenge in style and structure for the hunters, and they certainly rose to meet it. In fact, the team earning High Honors submitted their hunt before the month was half over.

That team, ‘Experience of Canon,’ comprised of Beth Gallego, Paul Hartnett, and Ron Lies, earned 66 of 74 available points. The ever capable ‘Uno Studio in Holmes’ team earned Honors at 65 points; team members included Stefano Guerra, Michele Lopez, Vera Mazzotta, Gianluca Salvatori, and Enrico Solito.

Two returning teams earned the O.V.E. (Order of the Valiant Effort) award: ‘The Retired Beekeepers of Sussex,’ with 60 points, and ‘The Sound of the Baskervilles’ with 58 points. The Beekeepers team was comprised of Elinor Gray, Rowan MacBean, and Cheryl LeBlanc-Weldon. Cameron Brandon, Lauren Messenger, Sunny Even, and Francis Bond represented the SOBs.

For the third consecutive year, High Honors in the Individual Category went to Michael Ellis with 70 points. Treasure Hunt veteran Denny Dobry earned Honors in this category with 66 points. Two competitors new to the individual category received the O.V.E. award: Brad Keefauver with 52 points and Carmen Savino with 50 points.

Honorable Mention went to first time participant Paul Thomas Miller and returning competitor Gerry Turnbull who each earned 35 points before their time ran short. A Shout-Out went to returning participant Anne Nelson who managed 16 points while traveling across South Korea.

Sheila Holtgrieve worked with the Treasure Hunt Master again this year, proofreading, and serving as question-tester. In her test run of the hunt, she matched the individual category High Honors point totals.

With Treasure Hunt six successfully over, planning is underway for Treasure Hunt seven. There is a possibility that Michele Lopez, master of the very challenging 2017 edition, will return for 2019, and the talented Australian artist Phil Cornell has graciously agreed to create a very special memento for the 2019 participants. The fun, fellowship, and scholarship of the Treasure Hunt, as envisioned by Treasure Hunt founder, the late Don ‘Buttons’ Libey, continues in good form thanks to a group of dedicated volunteers.

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Written by Bridget Hanchek