The 2020 221B Con

As you are well aware if you have spent any amount of time on our site, there are an impressive amount of events centered around the Sherlockian canon and fandom. However, one of the most notable and exciting events is the annual 221B Con, an expansive two day convention that featuring countless speakers from the Sherlock Holmes community and a number of events geared towards Sherlockians. Each year’s 221B Con features different speakers  and activities, but the appeal of the event remains constant, and that rings true for the 2020 221B Con.

This year’s 221B Con falls on April 3rd and concludes on April 5th. The convention will, as usual, be held in Atlanta, Georgia. The speakers at 221B Con are always exciting, but this year’s convention packs a pretty heavy line-up including: Dana Cameron, Sherry Thomas, and Lyndsay Faye. As mentioned, there are countless events and activities to participate in while attending the convention, and they span all interests. From talks regarding the Sherlockian Canon to karaoke and dance parties, 221B Con has anything you could ever want. 

If you have not had the time to venture to a Sherlockian event, this one is definitely worth the trip, or the short drive if you live close. Last year, a handful of our team here at Sherlockian traveled down to Atlanta to attend the event, so you never know, maybe you’ll have the chance to stop by a booth and grab an awesome sticker.

For more information on the 221B Con schedule, as well as pricing and hotel packages, be sure to check out their website. For more information on Sherlock Holmes events and previous 221B Cons, explore the related content linked below.

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Written by Jacob Largen