Journals, Magazines, and Newsletters

Since the first Baker Street Journal was published in 1946, the number of Sherlock Holmes journals and articles has grown into a massive catalog of works. These publications originated as a way for Sherlockians to communicate with each other and share ideas over long distances. Although the internet has made that easier, many journals are still going strong! This is a listing of some well-known journals and newsletters from around the world, including those that are no longer being published.

The Baker Street Journal

Leading publication of the Sherlockian world, published by the Baker Street Irregulars. Editor: Steven Rothman. Published quarterly, 1946-1949 and since 1951. Annual subscription $24.95 in the United States, $27.50 elsewhere, from The Baker Street Journal, PO Box 465, Hanover, Pennsylvania 17331. A CD-ROM of all BSJ issues, 1946 to 2000, is available.

Canadian Holmes

The magazine (published since 1973, quarterly since 1979) of The Bootmakers of Toronto. I had the honour to be editor of CH in the 1980s. The current editors are Mark and JoAnn Alberstat ( of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. $20 per year (US or Canadian), or included in Bootmaker membership, from The Bootmakers of Toronto, 5 Brownlea Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M9P 2R5.


Formerly Sherlock Holmes, The Detective Magazine. The leading commercial publication and source of general Sherlockian news from 1991 until it ceased publication in 2006.The magazine's web site continues.

Sherlock Holmes Journal

Twice a year since 1952; published by the Sherlock Holmes Society of London and edited by Nicholas Utechin and Heather Owen. Subscription information from the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, 23 Highfield Avenue, Oxford OX3 7LR.

Vital Newsletters

Other Publications

Many Sherlockian societies publish newsletters or magazines, some of them of very high quality.

More General Journals of Sherlockian Interest

Leading Journals and Zines That Have Ceased Publication

  • Baker Street Gazette
  • Baker Street Miscellanea, 1975-94
  • Plugs & Dottles, 1983-98
  • The Holmes and Watson Report, 1997-2005