The Mazarin Stone


Basic Information

Abbreviation: MAZA (J. F. Christ, 1947)
Word length: 5,716 (C. E. Lauterbach, 1960)
First published: Strand Magazine, October 1921; Hearst's International Magazine, November 1921
A note on origins
"The Mazarin Stone" is an adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle's play "The Crown Diamond", first performed in May 1921.

Discussion Questions

  • Do you think Watson was as involved in this case? Why or why not?
  • Why is there a wax dummy of Holmes sitting in a room near the window in his home?
  • Why is Holmes disguising himself as a workman and a woman around Baker Street?
  • How does Holmes trick Sylvius into telling him he has the Mazarin stone?
  • Why did Holmes play a practical joke on Lord Cantlemere?
  • Why doesn’t Holmes call the police right away knowing Sylvius and Sam Merton are in possession of the stone?
  • How does Holmes ultimately retrieve the stone from Sylvius and Sam Merton?

Film Adaptations