The Red Circle


Basic Information

Abbreviation: REDC (J. F. Christ, 1947)
Word length: 7,350 (C. E. Lauterbach, 1960)
First published: Strand Magazine, in two parts, March and April 1911

Discussion Questions

  • Why is Holmes so hesitant to help the landlady? Why did he decide to after all?
  • What clues can you pick out, retrospectively, that the tenant may have been a woman?
  • How do you think the members of the Red Circle found out Emilia and her husband had been staying at Mrs. Warren’s house?
  • Why wouldn’t Mr. and Mrs. Warren have called the police after Mr. Warren was kidnapped?
  • How did Emilia and Gennaro end up in New York? London?
  • Why did Gennaro contrive the ambush on Gorgiano?
  • Why didn’t Emilia and Gennaro go to the authorities, considering their situation? Do you think it was because they feared being seen in public, or because they thought some of the authorities may be involved with the Red Circle? Why or why not?

Film Adaptations