The Yellow Face


Basic information

Abbreviation: YELL (J. F. Christ, 1947)
Word length: 7,540 (C. E. Lauterbach, 1960)
First published: Strand Magazine, February 1893; Harper's Weekly, February 11, 1893

Discussion Questions

  • When Grant Munro explained the problem he’d been having with his wife, Effie, what did you think the issue separating them could have been?
  • What did you first believe was the connection between Effie and the old woman in the cottage? Why?
  • Do you think Effie should have told her husband about her child before she married him? Why or why not?
  • What was Effie’s reasoning for hiding her child from the world? Do you think she was justified in doing so? 
  • How do you feel about Mr. Munro taking in his wife’s daughter as a child of his own?
  • Is the man from the beginning of the story, who left before Holmes could see him, actually Grant Munro? If so, do you think he ever get his pipe back?
  • When and why does Holmes tell Watson to whisper “Norbury” in his ear?