The Victorian Era in Britain and Elsewhere

The Victorian era was one of great preeminence for the British Empire. This time period takes its name from Queen Victoria, who ruled from 1837 to 1901. With the British Empire expanding and the  Below are links to help you learn more about this time period and the people who lived during it. The Victorian […]

The Victorian Era in Britain and Elsewhere

Victorian England was a player on the world stage, and Sherlock Holmes often interacted with people from other nations. The time period in which Holmes lived and worked is known for its strict morality, the stark divide between the rich and poor, and the emphasis it placed on etiquette. The era is named after the […]

The Florin Society

Curated By Alexian Gregory, BSI (“The Grimpen Postmaster”), ASH (“The Coptic Monasteries of Syria and Egypt”), The Fourth Garrideb (“Gray Archways and Mullioned Windows And All the Venerable Wreckage of a Feudal Keep”) The first list presented below is of all those married couples in which both spouses have been invested in the BSI. […]

The Resident Patient – Hounds Summary

Ralph Edwards Chris Redmond Sonia Fetherston Steve Clarkson Ralph Edwards – Fri, 3 Feb 1995 Is this an analytic case or a dramatic one? Why were the blinds half drawn on a rainy day? How does everybody being out of town affect Watson? What would Watson do in the Glades? Who else had similar filaments? […]

Charles Augustus Milverton – Hounds Summary

Ralph Edwards Chris Redmond Sonia Fetherston Steve Clarkson Ralph Edwards – Fri, 14 Apr 1995 Can you surmise what really happened? Why was there electricity in Hampstead but not in Baker Street? Was it unlike Holmes not to study the calling card? Shouldn’t Holmes have had someone else interview Milverton for him? If hundreds turned […]

Holmes and the Ripper

Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper never interact in the canon stories, despite the fact that the Ripper murders were hugely discussed in London news and society around the same time the first Holmes stories were published. For whatever reason, Arthur Conan Doyle chose not to tackle this infamous real-world case in Holmes’ world. Many […]

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Who is Sherlock Holmes? What does he do, who created him, and why is he important? In this section, you’ll find the answers to these questions and more. The Great Detective has a rich history and exists in a complex world that blends reality and fiction. Sherlockians have been fascinated by this world since it […]

Amazon Alexa Offers Choose Your Own Sherlock Holmes Adventure Story

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson have been inspiring readers since their debut in The Strand Magazine. Now, thanks to audio drama authors George Mann and Cavan Scott, anyone with an Amazon Echo has a chance to craft their own Holmes adventure without touching pen to paper. Simply download the free skill titled “The Great Game,” […]

The Baker Street Babes: Carrying Sherlock into the Future

The original Sherlockian texts were composed some 130 years ago, and though they are foundational to the “Detective-Mystery” genre, they hold very few agreements with “genre writing.” Finishing a Holmes piece without the taste of decorative Victorian English on your tongue is inconceivable, and this has set the general tone for the way in which […]