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Sherlockian.Net moves to Michigan State University

I’m happy to announce that after 16 years of operating Sherlockian.Net in its present format, I am turning it over to new owners and editors: the Center for Writing, Information, and Digital Experience (WIDE) at Michigan State University.

[WIDE bumper sticker] The official date of the change is October 14, 2016, and transfer of the domain name and site content to Michigan State will happen over the next few weeks. The site will now be managed by WIDE director Dr. Liza Potts and her colleagues, including Kristen Mapes, digital humanities specialist for MSU’s College of Arts and Letters.

Sherlockian.Net will continue to have close links with the traditional Sherlockian world. Liza Potts herself is a member of the Greek Interpreters, the Sherlockian society in East Lansing, Michigan. In addition, an advisory board for the website will be announced, drawing on the expertise of Sherlockians • Continued inside
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